Puss in Boots - Little Tiger Press

My hardback copies of 'Puss in Boots' adapted by Anna Bowles and illustrated by me dropped through my letter box recently. 

The design team at Little Tiger Press have done a beautiful job, it even has blue shiny foil ! :-D 

You can order it here


le belles histoires

I have just received copies of a French publication called 'les belles histoires' that I worked on earlier this year. A fun story to illustrate where a young boy magically gets miniaturised and falls through the floor boards of his classroom... 
The story is called 'The Forgotten Word' ...

Here's a link to their site - www.belleshistoires.com


The Alphabet Zoo in Storytime magazine

For the past 9 months I have had the great privilege of illustrating 'Alphabet Zoo' for Storytime Magazine .

So far I have illustrated an Aardvark, an Armadillo, an Alpaca and an Alligator...

A Baboon, a Boa Constrictor,  a Brown Bear,  a Bandicoot (3 of those) and a Beaver...

A Cockatoo, a Coati, a Capybara (in a swimming hat), a Chameleon and a Camel...

A Dik-Dik, Degus, an Emu and an Elephant...

A Fennec Fox, a Flamingo, and a Fossa...

Gnu, Giraffe (a band of ) Gorillas and lots of Geckos!...

Hyena, a Hippo, an Iguana and an Ibex...

A Jaguar, a Komodo Dragon, Koala and a Kangaroo...

Lemur, Loris, a Lion and Lioness...

Meerkat, Marmosets, Macaw and a Mara...

Can you guess what animals will make an appearance in next months edition of Alphabet Zoo? 


Movie Fan Art

Whenever I get some free time I enjoy creating fan art of some of my favourite films. 

I'm looking forward to creating an illustration based on the film 'The Goonies' very soon! 
Please do comment below with any ideas you may have.



Hi !

Welcome to my new website ! 

It's been a long time coming but i'm so happy to finally have all my work together in one place. Please have a good look round and  let me know if you spot any glaring typos ! 

Tim x