The Creative Attic

 It’s a words and pictures JUMBLE-MATIC, a place we call…



The Creative Attic is a collaboration between myself, Karl West, and Karl Newson… three illustrators, one writer.

The seed of the idea came about a few months ago whilst chatting amongst ourselves on Twitter. We often talk about illustration, show each other rough drawings that we are working on and generally chivvy each other along. It’s great to talk to two like minded individuals who share the same passion and enthusiasm.

Whilst idly chatting one day, Karl Newson (K2) responded to a comment that was made with what he called a small ‘ditty’. It was an amusing nonsense verse that made us chuckle. Karl has such an amazing gift for writing that both Karl West (K1) and myself felt that we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to illustrate his words.

K2 wrote another ditty and then another..and then another! It was as if he had been gathering all these verses in a treasure chest just waiting to be found and brought to life. So over the following few days we set to work …


We hope you enjoy The Creative Attic as much as we do!

You can find it here –

You can also find  find Karl West’s website here –


Karl Newson’s here –

New work will be added each week so keep a look out !





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