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For the past few months I have enjoyed taking part in a weekly illustration challenge called #colour_collective over on twitter. Colour Collective is the brain child of fellow tweeter @PennyNevilleLee .

Each Saturday a colour is posted and we have until Friday at 7.30 pm to come up with an illustration using that colour. The theme and the medium used is totally up to the illustrator. At 7.30 pm everyone taking part post’s their work. Its great to see my twitter feed light up with wonderful illustrations, all using the same colour but all having very different ideas. The artwork is then posted on its own Facebook page the next day.

You can see everybody’s work if you search for the hashtag #colour_collective on Twitter. Or go to the Facebook page.

For me, colour collective has been a huge help. Not only is it great fun and a chance to interact with other illustrators but it has also given me the opportunity to freshen up my portfolio. It has also challenged me to think differently about how I use colour in my artwork. Some of the colours posed would never have normally made it into my illustrations.

Recently, Penny decided to take some time off from running the challenge and asked me if I would take up the reign’s while she was away for 2 weeks. Of course I said yes, but I was completely unaware at how much admin goes into it! Posting colours at the right time, reminding fellow tweeters, transferring artwork over, ..I didn’t realise but the transfer of over 120 illustrations can be a bit overwhelming!

To add my own little spin on the collective I thought it would be fun to post a couple of ‘Promo’ spots during the week to remind fellow illustrators of the posting time. These have been a lot of fun to do and have certainly challenged my imagination!

Below are the promo illustrations , starting with the colour corn, then cyan blue azure and finishing with Fire engine Red.

cheese-thief-for-blog animal-farm-cc-blog






It has been great fun running the good ship ‘CC’ over the past couple of weeks !
If this post has gone some way to inspiring you, then pick up a pencil and  join in! 😀


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